Digital Mainline Stabilizer (8KVA)

The Mainline Voltage Stabilizer For Home is effectively installed amongst the main power supply of a home and connected home appliance. This kind of stabilizer is uniquely designed to smoothen voltage fluctuations originating from the main power supply. Constant power supply is delivered to the connected devices. Within the operating range of your device, a constant electricity supply is provided. So, it avoids unnecessary damage because of overloading. The longevity of home appliances increases. You can directly connect a mainline voltage stabilizer to the main power line entering your home. The usage requirements of the whole home is fulfilled.

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Input Voltage : 90-280 to 140-280v
Output Voltage : 220V + 9%
Load Capacities range: 8KVA
Phase: Single Phase 5 KVA to 10 KVA
Three Phase: 10 KVA to 30 KVA
Protection: Completely Copper wound transformers.
Performance: Solid State Control Card.
Electromagnetic relays for reliable
Efficiency High efficiency.
Safety: Elegant powder coated housing.
Unique sales point: Attractive front panel.
Technology: Digital/Analog Technology.
Environmental – Temperature : 0-50 C


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